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Front Office Staff

Roni Hall, Biller

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Marge Murphy, Phd
Office Manager

Rafael Villarosa, MD

Clinic Philosophy

IEOM is an independent clinic, which combines our old dedication and commitment to being the "best" at industry medicine with innovative strategies for improvement management and communication--all in a clinic conveniently close to you. There are certain special aspects of our program that I want to point out for your consideration, in the hope that you might want to visit our clinic and learn more about how we can help you improve control and thereby reduce your workers' compensation cost.

First, we have a staff that is in agreement on the philosophy of looking out for the employer's best interests while taking good care of the employee's health and medical needs. There is an art to doing this manner which satisfies the needs of both parties, and our practitioners are well experienced in both the art and the science of occupational medicine.

Besides providing all the standard services offered by top industrial clinics, we have developed certain additional programs which are unique to IEOM. Our "physician-direction team case management is generating much enthusiasm among both companies and insurers. This is because it allows our physician to continue to "manage" the case all the way through, thus exerting much tighter control and remaining the primary communication resource for both. While this may not come into importance in most cases, for those 10-15% "problem" cases that wind up producing most of the workers' comp cost, this extra involvement by our physician can be extremely valuable. It is especially effective for us in that we work with selected independent providers who have committed to this philosophy and protocol. (And all our providers are, in fact, independent, including physical therapy, so we are not tempted to mis-use or over-use such referrals.)


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